We are made of people that don’t just follow a career path but blaze their own. People that have a true passion for our industry and who want to apply innovation to their problem solving and embrace the concept of full collaboration between disciplines. People that are known for producing big ideas and exhibiting a “whatever it takes” attitude to help those efforts reach fruition. At Southland, we believe people are our greatest resource.


Here at Southland, we believe in building better people as well as better buildings. We strive to maintain high ethical standards in order to achieve our individual and corporate goals. Our core values play a key role in ensuring our success across the entire building lifecycle in energy management, engineering, maintenance, controls, and construction.


At Southland we aspire to build a workforce that’s as diverse as the people who occupy the buildings we design, build, and maintain. Being People First focused is about making sure all employees, customers, subcontractors, and vendors who come in contact with our companies feel valued, included, and to bring their authentic-self to the table every day. Building Talent By Design, is our intentional approach to creating a truly safe, collaborative and inclusive work environment that fosters growth, encourages professional achievement and where all employees are treated honestly and fairly. We are committed to building better careers, relationships, and support resources for all our employees.


Our belief that an employee is more than someone to get the job done, means we respect that each person working at Southland has a life outside of the workplace. By promoting flexibility and a healthy work/life balance, Southland employees are able to remain passionate about what they do for years to come. With a focus on causes that resonate with our employees, we support a variety of organizations across that country and hold annual philanthropic events for the purposes of bettering our surroundings and the lives of those less fortunate.